About Us

growing_the_businessQB (Quality Beyer) is a training & certification body
Currently, the operations are world wide and in they are marching to provide Quality/Environmental/OHSAS/Food Safety Management Systems certification by providing the timely auditing services. The training programmers are open house. The hallmark of our certification is the international reputation of our competence and impartiality backed by highly experienced and knowledgeable auditing personnel.
Success and quality go hand in hand. In today's fast paced world, the company with the competitive edge emerges successful.

Quality, Environmental/Health protection, security in the data network and safety at the workplace - these are the values which conscientious managers demand. A certificate from QB (Quality Beyer). Lets potential customers recognize that the company complies with stringent quality norms.

QB (Quality Beyer). specialists appraise management systems according to international standards. This means that organizations and service providers have an edge in worldwide competition.Optimised processes also have the added advantage of reducing costs and increasing customer's confidence QB (Quality Beyer). is pleased to provide the clients an overview and description of other management standards.


To exist together in the future with her clients by sharing her knowledge with them.

To evaluate, certificate, provide sustainability and improve the organizational structures, reliabilities, and performances of the clients being serviced.

The Benefits You Get From QB (Quality Beyer)

* Improvement in management and operation control; effective and systematic information flow to top management,
* Clarify the responsibilities and tasks and improvement in business performance,
* Better definition and analyses of processes within the company,
* Improvement in productivity, quality and the processes within the company,
* Increased customer satisfaction,
* Cost reduction due to the lack of quality by reducing the recycling and waste costs,
* Increase in the quality of information, flowing to management with respect to production performance,
* Clearly defined responsibilities for quality and increased consciousness about quality